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Seraal Digitizers have mastered the capability of creating excellent jacket back logos. There are a variety of jacket back designs available on our website for you to choose. We, also, accept custom made logos and guide you in case you are making a mistake somewhere. Otherwise, we duplicate the logo as it is and deliver you your work on our turnaround time. Jacket back embroidery designs require the duplication of designs of larger logos. The smaller ones are not difficult to duplicate, but since they need to be duplicated in a larger size, they are required to be enlarged for a better view.

Color of the logo.

We are able to create different versions comprising of different colors of logos of the same design. It entirely depends on your choice. We can guide you if you feel confused regarding the color combination.

Size of the logo.

The size of the logo depends on the size of the jacket. However, jacket back designs are supposed to be digitized in a larger size. Embroidery is done according to the details of the design. For example, if there are small letters available in the logo, we prefer the use of heat transfer method for digitizing logo. If there is a need of blending the colors, we prefer embroidery done in a particular way. It requires a lot of hard work, but you don't have to worry about it. You can trust our employees with delivering you just the kind of logo you are in search of.

Material of the jacket.

It is extremely necessary to select a logo design that will compliment the type of material used to make the jacket. Our trained professionals can deliver camera-ready jacket back logos of top quality. Our qualified artists can digitize the logos of your choice from your symbols to stitches. Our brand uses hi-tech software that duplicates your logo in the form of stitches. Our engine can interpret things like the style; sew count, color changes, etc. Digitizers plan the whole print of your symbol and execute them through the software and machine. The size and colors of the letters, the spacing between them, the use of thread, the color combination, the blending as well as the precise measurements required to be made are completed all through our digitizers. We double check the logo you have ordered us and then, deliver it to you. This way we are able to deliver high-quality products with zero errors.

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